Short Thoughts on The Queen’s Gambit

My new favorite series is based on a book that took almost 40 years to get to a screen…genius, gender and junctures of choices and co-dependencies. (See what I did there…) The series has underlined several key issues for me:

1) As an educator, how do I help students connect to their latent talent…maybe even their hidden genius?

2) Education should be by its very nature transformational, not transactional…and that’s not particularly scalable btw, because it requires so much gracious, patient, quality human interaction

3) The quieter, the smarter, the more introverted the person—the bigger the battle in the soul…

4) The most important lessons don’t necessarily always take place in the classroom or, gasp, even in the chapel…sometimes the best learning happens during games in the basement.

I’m sure I have more lessons to learn from this series, so maybe consider this post to be quite…organic.