Viewing Guidelines

Editor’s Note…I posted this a few years ago on social media, so yeah, a repost, but trying to get all my original content in one place!

When you are the only man in the house for a long holiday weekend, there are a lot of limitations and guidelines when all the other household members wish to watch five seasons of this show. Here’s a small sampling of community viewing guidelines that were so strictly enforced it was difficult to even begin to enjoy what I’ve been told is a compelling series:

  1. NEVER question any character’s motives or decisions.
  2. NEVER ask to pause an episode to ask key backstory questions (regardless of how critical YOU think they are to understanding character arc).
  3. NEVER try to ask broader, socially relevant questions related to an episode’s plot during a viewing period.
  4. And NEVER EVER ask, ” Do women/girls really say stuff like that?”