The Dim Shadow

ⒸGregory Bandy | Fall 2019

Sometimes you find a passage from an old book that just expresses your thoughts and feelings about the fall season oh so well…

“The human soul is slow to discover the real excellence of things given to us by a bountiful Creator, and not until the shadows of death begin to gather around the object that we love, do we see its worth and beauty. Autumn is the dim shadow that clusters about the sweet, precious things that God has created in the realm of nature. While it robs them of life, it tears away the veil and reveals the golden gem of beauty and sweetness. Beauty lurks in all the dim old aisles of nature, and we discover it at last.”

A Cyclopædia of Nature Teachings: Being a Selection of Facts, Observations, Suggestions, Illustrations, Examples, and Illustrative Hints Taken from All Departments of Inanimate Nature

January 1, 1897
Elliot Stock