My Teenage Fashionista

My young, teenage daughter was so disappointed she could not audition me for “Queer Eye” that she actually took it upon herself to accompany me to help pick out a “first-day-of-school” outfit. (I was heading back to grad school at the time.) Said I could not be trusted. The following were just some of her gentle responses as I tried to make wise fashion choices…

“No way, you can’t pull that look off.”

“Too over the top.”

“You’re not that old, yet.”

“I need to see that on you before you make any big decisions.”

“The family will not accept that shirt and I won’t be seen with you.”

“Maybe. Keep looking.”

“Seriously? How old are you again?”

“I know it’s cool—but you’re not a millennial.”

“Stay in your lane, Dad, OK?”

Probably wouldn’t do this again unless we have a mutually-established safe word…or she asked to go with me again.