Circle of Life Musings

“I held you to heart on that warm summer night, 
Your dark eyes glowing in the Florida moonlight.
Who would you be, 
where would you go
My father’s heart asked so long ago…”

from a “poem” I wrote for my daughter’s wedding day…

When the first one comes, and you are exhausted at the end of a day (or in the middle of the night), you don’t always think of all that lies in store for the baby in your arms. It can be easy to forget the intrinsic value, the amazing potential and incredible plans God has for that little life. 

I sit here today pretty much amazed and blessed at how my daughter’s life has unfolded…

One of my enduring memories of Julianne is taking her to public kindergarten each morning. The moment she walked in the door, the room would audibly explode with kids begging her to sit with them. And she was indeed friends with all of them. That’s Julianne. Yes, she’s friends with the pretty and popular…as well as the last, the least and the left out…ALL are “friends n’ family.”

Did I mention she’s an animal orphan magnet? It doesn’t matter where she goes, lost little creatures find her. Why, when she was 12 she could hypnotize any chicken…

Of course, practical me, I always wondered what my little, artsy dreamer would be when she grew up. Ever heard her play violin or seen one of her art pieces? (So much like her grandpa namesake…) Of course, she was a psych major and then worked in fashion sales and tech…before going “back to school” for certification in UX Design and securing an amazing career. 

Along the way, she married a great guy…one of the kindest and hardest working young men I’ve ever met who, by the way, played in a National Football Championship game, and is not a bad dancer! He has his own amazing career and life. (I’ll write about him later…) And now…THEY are about to enter their own adventurous journey of parenthood… 

So, let the moments, the compassion, the tears, the patience, the struggles, the laughter, the love, the care, the joy…and the memories begin.